Topped of the Pops

The contestants in TV’s Fame Factory are being eliminated one by one. But it’s not by viewer vote.

A man in a miniskirt hanging from a tree. A girl with the voice of an angel and a needle in her arm. And one half of the tabloids’ favourite couple lying dead in one of London’s poshest hotels. What links them together? Inspector Mike Braithwaite might be able to work it out, if only his 11-year-old daughter would stop going on about the nation’s favourite TV talent show…

This hilarious murder mystery, featuring a cast of Z-list celebrities, reality show wannabes, PC policemen and TV producers who’d sell their own grandmothers live on air for a cut of the cash from the phone-lines, is the first novel from Private Eye and Popbitch journalist Adam Macqueen.

The first ten chapters of Topped of the Pops are available to read for free right here – just follow the link at the top of the page. The full e-book is available to buy for Kindles here.


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